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All markets are trading as usual except for Newcastle
which will be closed on Good Friday, 14th April.

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Organic Food Markets

ORGANIC FOOD MARKETS create open air Market places that supply Certified Organic food, artisan gourmet produce and conventional fresh fruit & veg*, freshly baked bread and patisserie, seasonal produce from the farmer, salami, local and French cheese, smoked salmon and other delicacies, Aussie truffles.....in fact all the goodies you love to eat are at the markets, every week, rain or shine.

At these friendly community markets you will find everything to fulfill your weekly shopping needs and an exciting choice of fashion, home wares, plants and of course, eco-friendly, sustainable fare trade and healthy products.

You will all enjoy mixing with other like minded fun-loving, friendly foodies...people like you, that care about the environment and the health of the people they feed.

*The word organic is widely used in Australia and can be very misleading. You may wish to review this article which explains some of the problems and usage. We use the expression Certified Organic to identify food which has been grown chemical free and with high standards of animal husbandry and has been checked by a third party. Where we believe a stall is carrying Certified Organic produce we give them one of these signs to display. If there is anything on their stall that is not Certified Organic it should be clearly noted as such by them.


As the Market Industry's leaders for over 25 years, Organic Food Markets' Directors are able to offer independent consultation services for Property Developers, Town Planners, and Local Government Planning Departments, who wish to explore the concept.

It has recently been recognised that the positioning of Street Food Markets is integral to the success of new developments and place making, put simply, food markets put the heart into urban spaces, particularly new unpopulated urban spaces.

In the first instance contact 02 9999 2226 or mail@organicfoodmarkets.com.au